teecil_card As many of you know, golf is a very fun, relaxing and competitive sport. Whether you’re playing on a course, or practicing at one of Mike Harbour Golf locations it will always be an adventure. Now- a- days some  business meetings are even done on the course. This new little invention called the Teecil is something you’re going to want to try the next time you hit a few balls with a client.

These tee-pencils come in 8 different colors. They have enough space for 3 lines of writing or a company logo. Coming in packs of 10, 50, 100, 500 or 1000, you will be sure to never run out.

Not only is this a very reasonable product to promote your business, it’s also useful for your golf game too. The two in one tee- pencil or Teecil starts at a price of $2.99 for 10! Get yours today here.