Golf Digest came with a list of the best golf teachers throughout the U.S. This list was created by all of the people whom have had experience with these businesses. Mike Harbour Golf was ranked number 2 in Rhode Island, thanks you guys!

If you haven’t come to any of the locations for some training, lessons or indoor golf center then you are definitely missing out. is known for having honest reviews on local places.

“Mike is helping me to improve my drive and my game. Now when I make a bad shot I know what I am doing improperly and am able to correct it. He explains the game and shots in a very understandable manner. The videos really put what your doing into perspective.

Thanks Mike, and I’m not done yet….” Thanks to Hope M

If Hope hasn’t already convinced to you check the programs out, we suggest you come for the day and see for yourself why our programs have been the second most successful in Rhode Island.