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Outdoor and Indoor Golf Lessons
Fort Myers, Florida

Alico Family Golf

Mike Harbour is the Director of Instruction at Alico Family Golf teaching the great game at one of the finest practice facilities in Fort Myers, Florida. Indoor instruction is available by Appointment on their TruGolf Ernest Sports Simulator.

Full Swing

Improve all parts of the full swing with a video recorded voiced over video of your golf lesson

Short Game

Save stroked with a putting, chipping, pitching & bunker lessons in two short game areas.

On Course

Learn course management, work on your preshot routine and more on a private course.


“Mike Harbour displays all the qualities necessary in any top instructor. Professionally, Mike excels at putting theory into practice. He is able to communicate effectively, the fundamentals of golf and break them down in ways that students can benefit and improve. His high personal standards and work ethic could only heighten the quality of any program.”

05Patrick Sheehan

“Mike Harbour is an extremely knowledgeable instructor. He understands how much his students can handle at once, which allows the student enough time to grasp and master the change before moving on. Mike has great patience, positivity, and passion for every one of his students.”

Anna Grzebien
LPGA Member

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Alico Family Golf

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